All About Our Challenge (Home)

Thank you for visiting and joining us for our Cook Book Challenge. Our goal is to see if we can encourage our parishoners and vistors to try out every one of our recipes from our latest  Parish Cook Book.

If you have the Cook Book already, start cookin, and use the form to submit your comments on the recipes you have tried.

If you dont have a copy yet, here’s how you can get one. We still have plenty available! (link Coming Shortly)

All recipes will be listed by the Table of Content Categories and the comments will be listed for each recipe as they come in.

To start the ball rolling, we will ask someone to try one  or more of the recipes and submitt their title and intial comment for posting by using the submission form. Submit a Recipe Topic

Visitors will see the intial listing and are invited to add their comments. You must Register and Log-in to leave comments.

Let’s see if we can get at least one entry for all the recipes in our Parish Cook Book!

For more specific details see “Simple Guide Lines”